Central Government has fixed the speed limit of Cars-bike and three wheeler in Delhi, Red Highlights | Delhi की सड़कों पर ड्राइविंग करने वाले हो जाए सावधान! बदल गए हैं ‘Speed Limit’ के नियम

New Delhi: Driving on the roads of the national capital Delhi will no longer be easy. Because now you have to keep an eye on the speedometer of the car along with the road. The Central Government has fixed the speed limit in Delhi on Thursday. Violating this speed limit can lead to heavy fines.

If you go above this speed then the challan will be deducted

According to the new notification of Delhi Traffic Police, the speed limit for the car has been fixed at 60-70km/hr on most roads. While the maximum speed limit for two wheelers has been fixed at 50-60km/hr. Apart from this, a maximum speed limit of 40km/hr has been fixed for buses, tempo and three wheelers.

Keep this speed on DND-Barpula, Noida-Delhi toll

On the other hand, even on the DND Flyover, cars will no longer be able to run faster than the speed of 70km/hr. While the maximum speed of 60km/hr has been fixed for two wheelers. Apart from this, the speed limit for both the car and the bike will be 60km/hr on the Barpula flyover. While the speed limit has been fixed at 70km/hr for cars and 60km/hr for two wheelers on the Delhi to Noida toll road.

Keep this speed on Ring Road, Chandni Chowk and Airport Road

Not only this, the speed limit of both the car and the bike can be maximum 50km/hr while going from Azadpur to Model Town via Chandni Chowk via Ring Road. The speed limit for both the car and the bike has been fixed at 60km/hr on the airport road. Apart from this, the maximum speed limit of cars and bikes will be 30km/hr on all roads inside residential and commercial markets. If you are caught violating these rules, you can face heavy fines.

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